Does your company struggle with work flow and process management? Do you need a better HR or finance solution? Work Flow and Process management are the foundation of every successful organization. An integrated ERP solution can significantly increase efficiency and productivity while reducing labor costs and eliminating waste and costs related to duplication of work. Why continue to lose money in wasted time, duplicated work and lost productivity?
Our iONAproduct solution addresses the needs of many start-up and established companies that utilize a complex global workforce to meet their objectives while better managing their costs and deadlines. iONAis an immigration process management system catering to the needs of companies looking to better manage their internal processessuch as employee management, employee hiring process, employee timesheets, employee testing and much more. 

iONA is a web-based, intuitive platform that is easy to access and easy to navigate. Employees and key management staff can access the application over the internet ( No additional software is needed apart from the browser.
iONA provides 10 fully integrated modules to streamline internal processes and management activities.

Utilizing ouriONAintegrated ERP solution will provide your company with:

  • Strict compliance to applicable laws and regulations such as immigration and educational document requirements
  • Reliable reporting
  • Document Safety
  • Increased operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Increased productivity
  • operational cost reductions
  • Easy online access
  • An intuitive and user-friendly interface




  • Dashboard
  • Timesheet
  • Employees
  • Invoice
  • Customer
  • HR
  • Vendor
  • Immigration
  • Sales
  • Personal Information