• Easy to use browser- based interface

• Low equipment setup, maintenance and upgrade costs

• Onsite and Remote administration

• Integrated open source solution



Whether you are searching for a full featured IP-PBX solution for a new office infrastructure or updating an old legacy PBX system our Telrouter solution is a practical option. With a range of Telrouter products we can customize a solution to meet the most demanding telephony requirements. As an added incentive our PBX solution requires a minimal capital investment and has low operating costs. This solution is based on VoIP technology and supported by a team of highly skilled domain experts.

You may be wondering why an IP PBX is better than a traditional PSTN PBX system. A IP PBX like our Telrouter solution provides more efficient call switching and results in a more professional “look and feel” than if everyone in a business has their own separate IP connection and account. It allows phone calls to be forwarded within the company, and provides internal voice-mail and conferencing capabilities that might otherwise need to be outsourced with a traditional PBX system. An IP PBX is also much more flexible than a PSTN PBX, allowing an infinite number of extensions and voice-mail boxes, plus desktop management via a Web browser rather than at a set of PSTN switches. They can also enable the recording of incoming and outgoing conversations (subject to legal considerations). IP PBXs, both as software and as physical devices, are relatively inexpensive in comparison to traditional PBX systems.

TelRouter is a fully integrated open source; standards-based and tested IP-PBX solution. It offers the stability of an enterprise PBX solution without sacrificing the simplicity of icon-based administration. It can easily be integrated with your existing infrastructure or even function as your primary PBX. Offering the best of both the worlds, VoIP and PSTN this solution is rich in features and flexibility, qualities that are essential for any business. TelRouter uses your existing network to manage phone conversations saving you the cost of added network setup and maintenance at the same time keeping the highest standards of sound quality. In essence, this new generation of telephony gives businesses the scalability of high end PBX systems while keeping expenses to a minimum.

From a customized digital receptionist to a fully integrated voicemail server, TelRouter provides all the telephony features (and more) that are required for a business in today’s technology driven economy. In addition Viho’sTelRouter incorporates a host of call and voicemail features:

Automatic Attendant

Call Forwarding/ transfer features

3 way calling

Dial by name

Simultaneous group ring

Call distribution via round robin or hunt option

Call Park/ transfer/ pickup

Do not disturb


Forward voicemails to emails

If you are interested in enjoying the low cost and benefits of implementing a Telrouter IP-PBX solution you can begin our four step process by completing a contact form. Once we understand your needs and requirements we will provide a full proposal including implementation and a support plan.