iAnalyzeICD tool provides following benefits
• An end to end product offering- manages the ICD -10 transitionfrom initial assessment to implementation of ICD-10.
• Professional Services support- additional IT staff and expertise for a fast, trouble free analysis and implementation.
• Customizable solution- adaptable to meet specific system and database requirements of an organization.
• Provides a 50% reduction in effort and associated transition costs-significantly reduces implementation and transition costs.
• Utilizes a 3 stage engagement approach-ensures a smooth transition with minimal disruption to existing processes
• A comprehensive framework-carries out ICD conversions efficiently and cost effectively
• Reusable-a conversion tool that can be applied across departments and organizations



The US government mandates all participants in the Health Care industry to switch from ICD-9 code to ICD-10. The transition to ICD-10 will align the medical, clinical and financial sides of the health care industry for procedures and diagnoses. It is expected to save money and increase efficiencies that result from capturing advances and synergies in the use of a common shared code set. Unfortunately, transition can be expensive as well as disruptive to existing processes. That’s where VIHO’s iAnalyzeICD tool can help your organization to achieve the conversion without spending a fortune and with minimal disruption to your existing systems and protocols.

This tool developed on Java technology allows your IT department to easily configure the tool to analyze the system and database to identify impacts from the code conversion requirement. In addition, its professional services offering can augment your IT and Business staff.

IAnayzeICD tool is geared to provide ICD code impact analysis for all the business entities affected by the ICD code mandate from finance to medical management, consumers and business operations support. The tool can meet the business requirements of the health care industry information flow by analyzing the system and database impacts fora variety of organizations. Because you can re-use the same tool across your organization you benefit from cost as well as the collective wisdom, knowledge and experience gained by each organization using the tool.

iAnalyze ICD Compliance Framework

Viho’s Professional Services useiAnalyze ICD 10 tool which is based on a framework that provides guidance to carry out the ICD conversion project. The five stages of the framework are:
1) Inventory Reconciliation
2) Impact Assessment
3) Strategize Remediation
4) Implementation
5) Verify & Validate

Engagement Approach Viho follows a proven engagement approach to carry out the ICD 10 conversion process. This approach involves three phases: 1) Pre-assessment Phase: Viho’s Professional Services team carries out preparatory work for code analyzation over a 5-7 day period. 2) Assessment Phase: Based on identified business system/databases, iAnalyzeICD tool is used to assess the impacted code and databases. This phase lasts 3-4 weeks. 3) Post-assessment Phase Detailed reports are generated based on the assessment work carried out in the previous phase. Ongoing support is provided during the code transition period. The phase could range from 1 to 2 weeks and includes the ongoing support by Viho’s professional services team.