Grades |2-12|

  • A high impact, low cost educational and testing solution
  • User- friendly, intuitive web- based instruction, practice and assessment
  • A comprehensive testing solution covering all grade levels and core subject areas
  • Provides a perfect assessment of student  strengths  and weaknesses
  • Over 250,000 questions in the database

Is your child struggling with school assessment tests? Are you concerned about your child’s ability to score well on tests so that they can get into the college or university of their choosing?  If so, our Tellystudy application can help.

TellyStudy is a subscription based online assessment service forstudents. Tellystudy is recognized as the world's first and best global school student assessment portal.  The tests cover grades 2 through 12 and provide tests forall subjects by grade. Many students are highly intelligent and do well in school but flounder when it comes to testing time. Tellystudy provides learners with comprehensive, repetitive testing experience so learners gain confidence and learn how to take tests effectively. With Tellystudy students are better prepared to take exams in school.

A fast growing community of highly experienced teachers and subject matter expertshas thoroughlyresearched the subject matter most critical to each grade level and created short specialized tests to evaluate a child's aptitude for each subject and grade level. The result of their work is the Tellystudy question bank that numbers over 250,000 questions.

The research based tests ensure that every learner can be successful in mastering the most rigorous learning concepts as well as mastering the art of taking tests. The performance of the students can be tracked in real time to address individual student learning gaps.

Don’t leave your child’s future to chance. Give them an edge over their peers with cutting edge educational testing software. Help them realize their full potential with Tellystudy.