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    Utilize Online Testing Service Today

    When hiring and retaining staff, it’s important to ensure that whoever you employ has the necessary training to do their job. Particularly in today’s fast-paced business climate where IT innovation is constantly changing how software is used and implemented in everyday work environments, it is more important than ever before to be aware of an employee’s knowledge base.

    Leverage Online Testing Service -- Get Almost Immediate Test Results on the Most Common IT Technologies

    We offer a hassle-free testing process that you can use to monitor the IT knowledge base of potential and existing full- time, part-time and temporary staff pertaining to a wide range of Information Technology programs, which includes.

    Screen future employees more effectively by assessing their incoming levels of knowledge by career level – from entry level (two to five years of experience) to mid-level (six to eight years of experience) to executive or upper management (eight years of experience or more), you now have a more effective means of gauging general expertise in a subject matter.

     Are you ready to find out how your IT programs and student body are doing? If so, give us a call today.

    • This application is a comprehensive system to take care of every facet of evaluation process!

    • It can store unlimited questions which can be randomly included during the test as per their level of difficulty and importance

    • Unlimited number of tests can be composed and there is no restriction on number of students taking the test

    • Results are published immediately as well as stored for future references!

    • It has rich library resources to target various industries

    • The test can be configured with negative marking system as well as time bound.